Traiteur Brera, a company & collective founded by Adam Mariani and Chef Ricardo Lo Schiavo in 2015. Our lives, our passion, our traditions are embedded in every aspect of this business. Both raised in homes where our Italian immigrant grandparents were our mentors; recipes and "a way of life" was passed down from the old world to the new generation.

Our goal was to create an experience that transcends the ceremonial aspect of cooking, breaking bread and conversing. Attempting to recreate our childhood memories through sharing our love for food and hosting, we knew this company was our destiny.

Our business’s main principles are to create accessibility in our services to all the walks of life, all while keeping the highest quality of ingredients, creativity and talent at the forefront.

Traiteur Brera's ambition is to keep growing, keep creating jobs and keep our lovely clients well fed and most importantly, feeling loved.

“That fine line between extreme bliss and complete chaos, that’s where we live."

- Adam Mariani | President Traiteur Brera