How BreraGO Began

Founders Adam Mariani and Executive Chef Ricardo Lo Schiavo felt it was time to disrupt the ready to eat meal market With Ricardo’s innovative cooking skills, and Adam’s business sense, the duo set off to create Brera GO. Mindful of their goal to create meals that are as accessible as possible, Brera makes sure to offer comforting Italian-style dishes at fair prices, drawing inspiration from typical recipes they learned from their childhood.

Ricardo, who learned to cook from his Nonna and mother, has a natural farm-to-table philosophy that shows up in their carefully selected menu. If their dishes have already won you over, it’s probably due to their local and responsible ingredients.

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BreraGO Offering

BreraGO was created to offer a simple yet delicious meal experience in the comfort of your own home or office. While still keeping in mind their values of quality and freshness, these products are great for the everyday. The leap into the retail market allowed for Traiteur Brera to create this lovely brand and now have the opportunity to interact with its customers daily rather than event by event.

'C'est ma salade pref. Les ingrédients sont tops et la portion généreuse. J'en mange tous les vendredi midi!'

- Jade C.